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this is cymbalta,right? it can help with certain types of pain that is not the normal type. i tried this for my central pain and my RSD pain but had an INCREASE with my central on it for some insane reason. but everyone does respond in their very individual ways when it comes to every med we take. something that worked badly for one person may work well for others. you just really have to try any med yourself to really see how it will work for you and your pain processes.

i am curious as to how you actually aquired the central if you don't mind me asking since it has to do more with spinal cord damage in most cases or some affectation of the spinothalamic tract within the cord itself,or the thalamus in the brain being damaged or affected. did they ever actually call this central PAIN syndrome? exactly what does your pain feel like and how large of an area do you have affected?

i woke up after my spinal cord surgery,right from under anesthesia and my central was just 'there' waiting for me burning and stinging like hell on both shoulder blades and a large patch on my inner left arm(thought it was "just" post op pain but it never went away). i have tried many different things to help relieve what just feels 24/7 like a second degree burn that just never heals, for almost five years now. the absolute best thing i have really found is the lidoderm patches(no side effects either). they were actually invented to try and treat shingles pain. they work well when this crap just flares like all get out. otherwise i don;t normally keep it covered since it will create even more hypersensitivity. i have actually had my shoulder blades go down from the screaming ten it was when i woke up to it,down to about maybe a 2? somehow the blade area just appeared to desensitize itself over time. that was huge. but the arm crap is still there burning and stinging its way thru my day.

do you actually have some sort of c spine issues or other spinal issues that caused this? it just sounds like we are both dealing with the very same thing just a different variation on the name given it? if not,do you know what triggered this in you?

have you tried lyrica yet? this med worked actually on both my central and my RSD that i have in my right knee but my side effects were just way too over the top to even try and stay on it. but i do know of others who have had no side effects, unfortunetly,its all trial and error. but lyrica DID help,so if you have not tried that one yet,you could try that too,depending on how things go with cymbalta. this is just one of those types of syndromes that really require a good PM and alot of trying to see what might work for you. sorry you ended up with this crap too. good luck with this,and let me know how things go with the cymbalta. marcia