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I am SO excited. I went to my first pain management appointment today. Signed the thing where I won't share, sell, divert etc, will only use one pharmacy one Doctor etc, saw the Nurse Practioner first and then the Dr. I knew I had back problems but found out today I also have a sacral iliac issue , hence the leg and groin pain.
ANYWAY, I left with a RX for 10 Fentanyl 12 mccg patches,a Soma RX for 90, 120 Percs 7.5 for breakthrough pain, Lidoderm samples and a cream sample of Dicoflonec ( same thing as Lodine pills ) as well as a Tens unit. I put my itty bitty Fentanyl patch on and was feeding my dogs when I said to myself... WOW.:bouncing::bouncing:... My back doesn't hurt. AMAZING...I don't know why I would need the percocet for the break through pain. Anyone know much abouth these Fenanyl patches :confused: