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I am hoping more experienced CP'rs can help me understand and guide me here. My chronic pain stems from DDD as well as arthritis in both knees and shoulder . Having been prescribed percocets for a couple years finally went to PM first time on Wed. He presribed 12.5 mcg Fentanyl patch , continued the 7.5 mg percs for BT pain as well as a TENS unit, Lidoderm patches and the Volteren Gel ( dicolfenac topical ). I am not to use any other NSAIDS as the Voltaren is also absorbed and secreted by kidneys. My other meds include blood pressure meds and lipitor and Soma. Should I be concerned about my organs and all this medication ? Looks like there is a problem getting plain oxycodone without the Tylenol so I don't know if that will even be an answer.I wouldn't know how to ask without looking like a "seeker" I didn't think I would need any BT meds with the patch but have had to take some percocets every 4 hours anyway depending on what I do during the day. I refuse to give up on LIFE because of pain :mad:so I still garden and even went to Tom Petty concert last night with my husband and sat in a lawn chair !!!! ( Did get up and dance a bit too ;) )
The instructions with the patch state that this is for people who have taken at least 60 mg of oral morphine daily, 30 mg of Oxycodone or at least 8 mg of hydromorphone daily, Why so much LESS of the Hydromorphone than the Oxymorphone ? I thought the oxy was stronger ?
Sorry for all the questions but looks like there is a lot of experience and knowledge here ( Sorry that is there because of the circumstances but glad it is ) Any help understanding anything with Pain Management would be greatly appreciated.