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Chrissy darlin', I am so sorry you are having so much trouble and pain. I know how much this added problem can contribute to chronic pain. I have had my share of it, as I think we all have. Couldn't some of these R&D people at the pharm companies come up with a med that won't put us in this position?

I know for me, it has become second nature to take my stool softeners every night before bed. And I make sure to take some Senna about twice a week. (I try to make sure it is when I don't have any appointments scheduled the next day) Mine has gotten worse since my Primary added the diauretic for my high BP, so the Senna has become a necessity.

Has your doc ever given you lidoderm patches to try. I was thinking it might help with that pain in your neck and upper back. They can stay on for up to 8 hours at a time, I believe. I haven't used them in a few years, but they can be a good addition to the regimine for many.

You are not whiney, sweetie. You are in pain and we all need to vent and ask for support. That's why we're all here. So no apologies, OK? You've had a really hard road this past year. So just remember, we love you and we're here for you, anytime and all the time. Gentle hugs, CMP/MM ((((Chrissy))))