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Welcome to the boards. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles.

There is also a product called BIOFREEZE that is available at Chiropractors offices. It is a topical product, and feels GREAT. I've used it in the past, and it costs about $10. You might go in and tell them that you are considering trying it, and ask for a trial size packet. They are about the size of ketchup packets that you get from any fast food place. They should have no problem letting you try it, if they think that you will possibly be purchasing the product from them. I don't think they will require you to use any of their other services. This is not a "natural" product, but it has worked wonders to help in the past for me.

Another thing that has helped me, but requires a prescription, is Lidoderm patches. This is a non-narcotic, and is a type of patch that has something I would guess to be Lidocaine (hence the name) as it's primary active ingredient/agent. This helped me tons after my Spinal fusion when my nerve pain was at it heights. The drawback is that they come in a box of I don't recall how many (lots though) and they are EXPENSIVE for a box. On the pro side of the usage is that this is a patch that CAN be cut into strips and placed on different areas of the body where the pain is at it's worst. I still have some left, and still at times when I have a pain flare will use them.

Good luck with trying to resolve your pain issues.

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