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If I do any sudden movements, the pain just sends me screaming but I can move it slowly and sometimes its painful and sometimes it's ok. I can not lay on that side at night time at all. I too wake up and my hands are stiff and it works itself out for the most part. The Dr. did do a range of motions and came up with what she did. The patches are called "Lidoderm" which I have but have been afraid to use them because I don't know anything about them and I am very sensitive to meds and don't know what to expect from this patch. The Dr. told me that if I had torn something that I would not be able to do certain motions but the thing is, I may not be able to do it right then but maybe I can slowly later on. The pains are really sharp and it does shoot down to my forearm and elbow.

So, this will never heal itself????:( I don't embrace surgery at all. I have a phobia of Hospitals! I have lived with low back pain for many years, so I guess that I will have to live with this too. Hubby is getting ready to change jobs so we will not have medical insurance for 90 days but I do look forward to finding all new Dr's and starting fresh in that department! Is there anything that I can do here at home for it? It hurts to even carry a small purse! I have noticed that when my arm hangs down, it really hurts the shoulder so I try and keep the arm bent. Thanks for your concern. I really appreciate it! I really don't have any family that cares (besides hubby) and it's nice to know that there are people out there that are concerned! By the way, how are you feeling? I noticed your name "feelbad" and didn't know if you actually felt bad or not. Have a good evening!:)