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:wave: What herbal remedies can a person take in place of Lipitor for high cholesterol? Thanks!
Just an FYI on Red Yeast Rice. Back a couple/few years ago you could get awesome and therapeutic values of RYR off the shelves. The FDA (at the pleadings of drug companies) banned the sale of RYR with any measurable amount of lovasatin (extract) in them (in the USA). The % of extact is usually and should be labeld on the bottle. The mg amount is not reflective of the %of extract which is the active compound. The products available now fall much too short to be very helpful. What many companies have done is included policosinol in the formula which actually does all the work, while charging RYR prices. The other issue with the currently available RYR products lies in the way they are manufactured; many can actually cause the same damage to the liver damage as lipitor. However, you can still obtain RYR that does contain the original % of extract out of Canada...it's quite pricey but this is the good stuff and and cannot be sold in the states anymore, unfortunately!

Other alternatives could be just the policosinol alone, B-12-Folic Acid-B-6-TMG Combination, a good quality fish oil with high levels of EPA/DHA, B-5 (Pantethine form), IP-6, there are many, but it also depends on what the cause is. M
I honestly don't know how this would compare to Lipitor but Garlic extract is supposed to lower cholesterol. I take Garlicin tablets but it's for the immune system benefits. Now I don't know if I ever had a problem with cholesterol to start with but my last blood work showed it to be at a healthy level.