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:confused: Hi. Im new here so hello to anyone reading this. Maybe you have some of the same problems I do. Since a very young age i have been depressed. I grew up in a divorced family (i was 7) my mom left us. My father was an abusive alcoholic and im sure he had his own problems but it was not a good place when he was drinking. I am also an attempted rape survivor (3yrs ago) by a very close family friend. I have been diagnosed with chronic depression and an anxiety disorder (no one has told me wich one). I am on Celexa and some days I feel OK. I can cope and just plow through because I have to but other days are miserable. I am scared, sad and very very angry most of the time. I am rarely just calm and relaxed. I cant even sit down to watch a TV program (literally). I am obsessed about cleaning my house, organizing and being "on top" of everything. I cant stay asleep and most times cant stay awake when I should. I wonder about OCD and PTSD. This personal baggage is so immense that there are times when I cant even explain it or put words to my feelings. i am very irritable, enragabe is more like it, if that is a word. my concern is the toll it is taking of my heart health ( i have very cholesterol and am on lipitor) and the fact that my anger is becomming uncontrollable and i dont like the person im becomming. anyone with any insight would be greatly appreciated.