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I wanted to kind of echo what Dave said and make the comment that I was not offended in the least.

The doctor was finishing up my scripts, and he just said 'have we done a UA on you yet? I like to get 2 a year on my cp patients and I dont see that we've had one from you yet' I said no, they had drawn blood but no UAs and I would be happy to do any test he wanted, and he said he wasnt worried about anything, it was just routine.

I think it is probably much easier on doctors who do it the way mine does, than one where everyone knows it is not routine, and they must have set off some kind of alarm bell or red flag or they wouldnt be tested. The way my doctor does it avoids hurt feelings and loud protests, because its not personal, just a thing that has to be done, like the liver panels that need to be checked for colesterol every time you need a refill on a statin drug like lipitor.

HTH, Fabby :)