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:wave: Hey people thanks for your info I went to the doctor yestoday they check my BP it was 175/121 so for meds they gave me Lisinopril-Hctz 20-25 mg and Aspir-low 81 last week I was in the hospital my bp was 202 i was sweating,dizzy because i didn't belivie in meds for 3 years i was taken herbs this year i been working out i lost 20 pounds I was 300 pounds now I'm 282 My goal is 162 I well be that soon That what i suppose to be for a 29 years old and eating right hey is it a good idea to take 1 Garlic caps before I go to bed I check BP Omron Hem-780 just now it was 133/99 144/101 134/88 which one is close to be right...So Now I'm very little light headed but I walk alot more and my head hurt on the right side a little also When can I go back to the gym staying home watching movies is soooooooooooooo boring :wave: or can I go to the gym and do the bike lv 1 for 45mins or is that to soon