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Hi everyone:

I saw my Dr. today and brought my blood pressure machine with me to see if it's taking accurate readings. The good news is that is is. The bad news is that my blood pressure was higher each time the Dr. took it. I was so nervous first from waiting 20 minutes in the waiting room and then in the exam room. The lowest reading I had was when the nurse took it and that was bad at 170 over 110. So, the Dr. prescribed the combo drug of Lisinopril and a diuretic. I hope the diuretic part of it won't make me have to pee every 5 minutes. The Dr. warned me about the cough that some people get from the med. My mom and brother had high blood pressure and they're both deceased. I tried really hard to lower my blood pressure on my own by deep breathing, exercising 5 times a week, but that didn't help when I was at the Drs. office. I only have one brother and my dad left and I don't think either one of them has a blood pressure problem. I just hope the med. works without many side effects for me.:(
Hi flowergirl. Thanks for posting. I usually get up around 5:30 am to pee anyway and that's what I did this morning. I try and drink a lot of water b/c of kidney stones. My white coat hypertension was unbelievable yesterday. The more I tried to relax, the higher my bp got. When I take my bp at home, it's usually in the 120's or 130's over 75 or 80. Exercising lowers it, except that lately my pulse has been too high also. Anyway, I have hope that the med. will lower my bp and I won't have to worry about it which makes things worse. My husband has had good luck with Lisinopril alone. Thanks again and have a great weekend. Sue:)