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I've tried almost every ARB and cannot tolerate any of them. My Dr. wants me to try lisinopril and I'm wondering if it's worth it? I thought that ARBs were "better" versions of ace inhibitors? Is it possible to be able to tolerate an ace inhibitor if you can't tolerate the ARB's?


I experienced overdoses (later confirmed by my doctor) when taking 10mg (I think) of lisinopril. Looking back, a smaller dose might have been ok. (I have been on a total of 5 different meds and lisinopril and norvasc seemed to have the least serious side effects for me).

If you've read the package insert (before buying the med) and decide to go ahead and try it, I would recommend starting on the lowest dose possible. In the past couple of years, I've suspected that the reason some of us are having problems with our pressures is that our meds are too strong...I'm not going to go into this here except to say that starting off at a lower than needed dose may not hurt. You can always increase the dosage if need be.

Thanks for the information. I wasn't really sure if they were two different drugs or just slighty different.

My biggest problem with the ARB's is really severe lower back pain. I made it the longest on cozaar (about 1 1/2 months) but the pain got so severe that it was hard to even walk. I just tried atacand and by the fourth day on it I had the same pain.

We are going to the beach for spring break next week and I'm not sure if I should try the lisinopril now or wait until we get back.

I think that I wasn't given an ACE initially because I have asthma and ACE's can cause coughing? I'm running out of things to try, though.


Looking back I wish I had always taken half of the dose...I have since learned that a friend of mine (who happens to be larger than me) always asks for the pediatric dose whether it be for an otc or for a rx med. I think that's a very smart thing to do.

It's been over a year since I took the lisinopril so it's difficult for me to remember everything, but the notes I kept suggested it also interfered with my sleep. Although I had severe respiratory problems with at least hct and the beta block atenolol, I don't recall respiratory problems (nor did I note them) with lisinopril. Since the time I was taking the drug I became aware of the potential for cough (and I've read that some people can get rid of the cough by increasing iron in their diet).

Although I didn't have respiratory issues with lisinopril, I did have stiffness and arthritis but I could still ambulate.

Beware...this med made me dizzy FAST...so if you decide to start taking it, try to have someone with you if at all possible....don't do ladders (my mistake) and don't drive until you know how you're going to react.

Good luck...


I still am having back pain from the atacand, so I'm going to wait a few days to start the lisinopril. My uncle takes it and he said that he has some dizzy spells occasionally as well.

My Dr. gave me 2.5 mgs to start and he said I could double that dose in three days if I feel O.K.

I'm amazed that people take these drugs and actually tolerate them.

Hi Susan, :)

[QUOTE]We are going to the beach for spring break next week and I'm not sure if I should try the lisinopril now or wait until we get back.

This might not be a bad idea. You should be able to enjoy your time away from home. You might be fine but there's no way to tell for sure.

[QUOTE]I think that I wasn't given an ACE initially because I have asthma and ACE's can cause coughing? I'm running out of things to try, though.

Some things to consider:

Cough is a common side effect of ACE Is. It could be mistaken for symptomatic asthma. It could also worsen any cough already present. ACE inhibitors initiate a production of bradykinins-prostaglandins- in the lungs of some people. Their increased levels are what causes the cough.
It can take weeks or longer for these effects to show up and just as long for them to clear up after stopping the drug. If the cough develops and becomes a problem, calcium channel blockers or diuretics would be good to try for reducing blood pressure. I can't remember which drugs you've been on to date. Beta blockers are out, of course.

Presence of GERD worsens asthma symptoms. A huge improvement in asthma symptoms can occur after a chronic sinusitis (frequent with GERD) is treated with antibiotics and decongestants. If the asthma symptoms are consistent with GERD, an aggressive PPI treatment should help. This would also indicate a possible reflux-triggered asthma.

I can't believe how many people with asthma also have GERD, breathing and sinus issues. :( I think there's an association between these conditions and symptoms.
I hope the ACE inhibitors work for you. As mentioned previously, I find them tolerable. I had severe allergic reactions to both of the ARBs I tried (Micardis and Diovan). I would be willing to try another type of an ARB in the future.

Good luck,
[QUOTE=suki1724;3487032]...I still am having back pain from the atacand, so I'm going to wait a few days to start the lisinopril. ...


Just out of curiosity, is your back pain sharp or dull? I'm asking because I had very sharp back pain with hct but from what i've read people experience different kinds of back pain with their meds. Has anyone ever explained to you "why" we get back pain on this stuff? I haven't come across it in my reading...only that it is a side effect of some of our bp meds.

[QUOTE]...I'm amazed that people take these drugs and actually tolerate them.....

Well, I suspect only a few tolerate them...thus the huge number of people who are not being treated for their hypertension. I forget what the statistics are, but I believe over 50 percent!

hiya Suki .. im new to this site and seen you were discussing lisinopril ..i take this drug ..i had to have a blood test when i first started taking them to check my kidney function then another blood test 6 weeks later for same thing ...then you can have an increase in drug if need be with a final blood test ..thats the way it went with me ...lisinopril can cause temporary renal problems (so my gp says ) .... did you know that this drug can be taken at bedtime as it can cause fainting and dizzeness .... ive never taken it in morning only bedtime ..just thought i would mention hope you dont mind me butting in .


You have a right to be here as well as the rest of us...please don't feel you are butting in!

Interesting info on the temporary renal problems. Did you gp explain any further?

I tried taking lisinopril at night and I wasn't able to get out of bed as a result so if you do take it at night, I would suggest you have a phone within arms' reach if you have problems.

hello again bethsheba , thats about all the information i know about lisinopril ...but you must have kidney blood tests before and after ....she did say should the bloods come back and my kidneys cant tolerate it once i stopped taking lisinopril my kidney function would return to normal with a final blood test to check alls well... you know its hard to choose which drug causes the most problems dont you think!!!....9/10 ill be dizzys in the mornings takes about half hour before im up to anything .... ill have a look at my information sheet on lisinopril for you and let you know ....

Sally, thanks for adding your comments. My Dr. never said anything about any bloodwork prior to taking lisinopril, although I just had a basic metabolic profile blood test done about a week ago, I'm wondering if that shows kidney function? All my Dr. told me is that I have slightly low potassium, which I pretty much always have. I think it was 3.3

Bethsheba, I will keep searching for more info and I will let you know if I find anything interesting regarding the ARB-back pain connection. I'm quite upset that I can't take them, my Dr. thinks they're such wonderful drugs.

I usually take my BP meds in the AM because I take singulair and zyrtec at night and I don't like to take so many things together. I'll have to make sure to try the lisinopril on the weekend when my husband and kids are around. I'm more concerned about it making my asthma worse, though.


I retract what I said about the kidney pain. Came across some info (should have saved it, :mad:) which emphasized the need for regular lab tests for kidneys when taking lisinopril...so you may want to get some more info on this. I tried looking for the info again, but couldn't find it...