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Are there any more threads on this topic? I've been weaning off a beta blocker (inderal) for about 4 weeks (almost down to nothing, feel pretty good). I swear my BP readings have actually been significantly better since lowering the beta blocker and are near normal. I also take lisinopril though, had been on both of those for about 6 years. My Dr. was going to switch me from the Inderal to a CCB becuase of side effects, but now I'm wondering if the lisinopril alone would be fine. Just curious about this idea of inappropriate dosing of BP meds causing an actual elevation in BP.

Thanks much, Dan
For the last 6 years, I have been on 200mg/atenolol (100mg/2day), 40 mg lisinopril, and 25 HCTZ. Because of a sudden case of chronic urticaria, I had to stop each of those meds (one at a time), thinking one might be the trigger for my urticaria. So, I started monitoring my BP at home once again. (I had stopped because I was driving myself crazy with it!) After almost 4 months of urticaria, which now seems to finally be subsiding, I have been taking only 1/2 of my usual bp doses for each med, and my blood pressure has never been better or more stable. Go figure. Of course, I'm quite pleased because each med has its indiviual unpleasant side effects. I just hope the old bp doesn't creep back up again, but it's been almost 3 1/2 weeks on the lower dosages.

You could be experiencing a maximum therapeutic benefit of Lisinopril for the first time - thus the improved blood pressure control.

When certain medications are combined, they result in an increase, decrease or an alteration of beneficial AND toxic effects of one or both of the medications.
Many drugs have been known to interact with Inderal. They include alpha blockers, clonidine, antidepressants, NSAIDs, thyroid meds, CCBs, and Lisinopril among others. Your combination of medications might have resulted in their reduced effectiveness.
Perhaps you can take just one medication from now on - the ACE inhibitor - and get the same results you obtained on the combination of Inderal and Lisinopril. It will be interesting to see whether you can maintain the same blood pressure levels on your existing dose of Lisinopril.

That is what I am experiencing right now. After being switched to another CCB my blood pressure control improved hugely. I am not sure which one (or more) of my medications has been so positively affected by this change. The end result is a much lower blood pressure. My theory is that because of the interactions between my medications - my old CCB in particular - I was not getting optimal blood pressure control. I have had to reduce the doses of a couple of my meds to maintain a nearly normal blood pressure. I get better blood pressure control on less medication, at least for now. The change in CCB some weeks ago is the only thing that's different.