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Hello -
Has anyone ever taken the ACE Prinzide HCTZ (I think Lisinopril is the generic)? Any side effects?

I have been on 1/2 of the lowest dose of Atacand Hct (an ARB) for about 6 weeks. My doctor gave me some samples and it is working very well with no real side effects (I am extremely sensitive to medication and have tried several beta blockers in the last year).......
HOWEVER, the prescription drug company that covers us is refusing to pay for the ARB until I do step therapy with an ACE. It is appalling to me that a pharma company can dictate treatment protocol........ I would assume it is because no generic ARB's will be available until 2009!

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

God Bless
I took that and had to stop after a few weeks b/c it gave me red, itchy rashes on my hands and feet. Then the Dr. prescribed the Lisinopril without the HCTZ and I had to stop that one too. It made me feel like my skin was on fire 24/7, made me really depressed, constant tingling, a cough that made me choke, etc. I'm seeing the Dr. today and can't wait to see what he prescribes instead!! I'm also extremely sensitive to meds., but maybe the Lisinopri HCTZ won't give you all the side effects I had. Good luck.
I am currently taking Lisinopril and HCTZ. I am only on 10mg of Lisinopril and 12.5 of HCTZ. I tried the combination pill but it was too much HCTZ for me. Now I take the HCTZ with Lisinopril on Monday, Wed, and Friday. and only the Lisinopril on the other days. In the beginning I had severe headaches, Heart palpatations but now my body has adjusted to it. I am not experiencing any side effects and my BP is under good control. Good luck.
I'm with Fam on this one. I think I'd be inclined to take each med separately, introducing one at a time until any side effects are known. It would be far easier to modify doses as needed.

I take lisinopril 20 mg/day (used to be 40 mg) and HCTZ 25mg/day separately.

Good luck!