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Hi All!

I'm a 72 year old retired RAF (Royal Air Force) Officer living in Wales UK. 10 months ago my doctor put me on 10mg per day Lisinopril for borderline hypertension. It seems to have been quite effective and my readings vary between 140/70 (mornings) and 120/60 (evenings). It has only been as a result of reading forum postings that I have associated an irritating dry cough which started last December with this medication. However, without tempting providence, I have realised that for about 10 days or so I have not been troubled by the cough. My question is whether anyone else has had the same experience ie that the "Lisinopril cough" has cleared up without the need to change the medication.
I had the classic lisinopril cough. It doesn't clear up, at all. And the lisinopril cough isn't just a mild cough, it is an uncontrollable gag in some (like me) associated with throwing up the gag gets so bad. I was on the drug for over 4 months praying that it would go away. Finally had to admit defeat.

So be happy, you probably just had a cold/cough. Lisinopril is a fantastic drug that worked really well on me...until I couldn't stop the cough.