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I know that anxiety can cause all kinds of symptoms similar to heart related ones. I think I've had them all. Most of the time I get through them and take an extra Ativan. My normal BP with 120mg Sotalol 2 times a day and 40mg lisinopril is around 130/80. I have a history of heart disease, anxiety, and arrthymia. I've had BP as high as 180/120 during anxiety but eventually it comes back to normal. The last 2 days I started out in the morning normal and within 90 minutes or so after taking my 2 BP meds (have been taking them for over 2 years) I have had spikes again into the 180/110 range. Yesterday went to ER, they gave me more Ativan and another BP meds and then let me go home when BP was normal (took about 6 hours). Today the exact same thing happened only I stayed home and got it down in about 2 hours. I called both docs my cardio and internist with little help. Anyone else here get BP spikes that high during anxiety attacks. It seem awful high just for anxiety and longer lasting? MY BP is higher than normal today but not catastrophic. If it were something other than anxiety I don't think it would happen so quickly but I can't explain the sudden increased hypertension.