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Hi all -

I haven't posted in a while. I'm going through one of those spikes again and this one seems to be lasting a bit longer! Anyway, got a new doctor and my BP hasn't changed. I was at 152/108 (I have a bit of white coat BP). My normal range is still too high 145/100. Anyway, he put me on 40mg Benicar. I was taking Lisinopril and Clonidine. The clonidine would work but I am tired of being tired with it.

Anyway, I am now on Benicar 40 mg and to take a clonidine if my meds go up. This last weekend, he gave me Benicar 40 with HCTZ. I tried HCTZ before and got a real bad rash. This time I took only 1/2 the Benicar HCTZ and sure enough my BP went down but my rash returned to my arms. I stopped it and now the rash is gone. I went back to my 40mg of Benicar and my BP is still high. I'm always dizzy and just feel like a zombie all day after I take my clonidine!

IS there any diruetic that has no sulfa?