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I was at my doctors office for a cold and they measured my bp at 140/100 and I told them I had been checking it at work and it has been 140/80 on average. I had been checking it because it was 140/90 before I started losing weight and cutting salt. I agreed to take the pills because I thought my diastolic was at least 100. They put me on Lisinopril 10 mg a day and I took a few days when my bp dropped very low. 90/50 and I felt like passing out and tired while driving. I stopped taking them and continued checking my bp and it stayed around 140/80.

I returned to my doctor for a school physical and they measured it again at 140/100 and urged me to continue taking the Lisinopril. Then decided to prescribe something milder. I asked them to recheck my bp again. Another nurse came in and told the other one that the cuff they used was not big enough for my arm. She got 130/80. So she decided not to prescribe any medicine. The cuff they used the first time seemed big enough since it inflated ok but the second nurse said it still would not measure correctly because I have a big arm.

I am kind of ticked that I had to go through all that and spend the money on the Lisinopril and got worried about my bp. I think 130/80 is pre hypertension I expect will come down when i lose more weight but at 140/100 I was really worried.

They have hypertension in my history now although then had been measuring my bp wrong. I check it at work with the big cuff and it is always about 120/70.

I just think it is premature for someone to prescribe meds from just one bp reading. Especially on someone overweight with a large arm

How much difference does cuff size make and do you think it is irresponsible for a health provider to prescribe meds by one measure of the bp. What if someone has white coat hypertension?