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hi all well i started out with high b/p it was running like 150 over 90 to 100 for a long time so the dr put me on 10 mgs of lisinopril my b/p was doing great it was like 115/60-70'sok then it started going down like 95/59-62 or like 105/60's is this low ? also i was told that if my b/p is low it makes you extremely tired ,if so its true i will sleep 9 hrs get up and fall asleep again then in evening fall asleep again,also if you have low b/p can it cause you to faint ? cause i been fainting alot my dr told me to stop the b/p pills and its pretty normal but sometimes goes low like lastnight it was 100/62 my heartrate is good its likr 70-85 and is low b/p just as bad as high b/p?
i see my dr thursday aug 7th.
anyone out there have some advice as im scared about low b/p i dont know if its bad to have low i do know high b/p is bad but what about low?
thanks any advice would ease my mind.