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I have left knee and right shoulder pain/damage from the ACE1 Lisinopril.
You see I never thought I had self control either until you see your life flash before your face. I am 41 years old with a five year old. As I was getting sicker and sicker on the Lisinopril my “daughter said Mommy you are not going to die are you”?
I knew I had spiraled out of control. However, with insulin resistance, it is such a snowball. You eat the carbs, the insulin spikes, you eat more carbs and repeat over and over. I was also depressed.
I took myself to the ER as I felt like I was slowly dying. My bp was 200 systolic. I decided that day enough is enough. This is not fair to my daughter and husband or to me.
I decided to change literally that day. It was so hard ... I also went cold turkey off Lisinipril and carbs and I was bedridden for 5 days. Muscle aches, muscle twitches, vomiting, coughing, nausea, diarrhea, sweating, incapacitating knee and shoulder pain, confusion, itching, palpitations , all kinds of neuro sxs. I had also started taking Labetalol and Norvasc at this time so I wasn’t sure what I was feeling. I prayed and prayed and read and prayed some more.
I was so angry especially at myself cause I of all people knew better. I knew the weight was bad, I knew I shouldnt have been taking medication without thoroughly researching it. I new I should have read the actions, indications and contraindications to this drug.
After getting sick, I researched Lisinopril and found out that it is made from a South American Pit Viper snakes venom, I knew I had made the right decision. (I really have to be careful how I word this ).
My blood pressure was still averaging 150/80’s. I took my supplements, magnesium, co-enzyme q10, Zinc- Ace Inhibitors deplete the body of zinc and Zinc’s main function is to regulate the immune system. I also took vitamin c, fish oil, and ate healthy raw foods when I could. Lisinopril had also caused me to lose my taste buds.
I was taking Labetalol 400mg bid, hctz 25mg qd, norvasc 10mg qd. I stopped the Cozaar immediately after one pill. I started to suspect I was being overmedicated. I started decreasing these meds. And each day I feel a little better. I am no where near back 100%.
Machaon, you asked how can I tell my reduction in meds is effective? I am no longer bed ridden and I am not confused. I can care for my five year old daughter.. and the biggest indicator to me is how I feel. Now I know I need to work with the doctors to coordinate how my heart function is doing. I truly believe the meds along with the HBP was leading me to an early death. If Lisinopril made my kidneys fail why cant it make my other organs fail? The doctors refused to acknowledge what I was saying. They chose to label me as being noncompliant with my medications.
I don’t know why doctors won’t address side effects as real. We live in a very litigious society. To acknowledge a problem, means that you have to deal with it. I know this to be 1000% fact that doctors think this way.
Well you asked one simple question and got a dissertation. I am just so passionate about this and I know God works in mysterious ways. Maybe I was chosen for a reason. I just want every one to now and understand the importance of caring for the body and the body will respond. Afterall, the body is a perfect machine.

Oh yes right now I am a nervous wreck thinking about my Wednesday appt cause my doctor wants to put me on Coreq and Coreq gave my friend seizures. I dread taking all of these medication cause I don't feel good on it. I have a job that requires me to be alert 1000% of every minute.

I feel foggy head and the fatigue.. oh my God. Here is the delemna, I sleep for 3 hours on and 3 hours off. SO I wake up feeling like I have not had slept. SO that starts my fatigue. I am so sensitive to all these meds . My stomach is cramping so bad with diarrhea. I am foggy brain and listless. The ACE1 Lisinopril and ARB Cozaar gave me renal failure so I am terrified to try any more of them.

Well I now know I started with the wrong medication dosages and combinations, so maybe this is a withdrawal process.
They started me on Labetalol 400mg bid, Norvasc 10mg daily and hctz 25mg daily. I am now on LAbetalol 100mg daily, norvasc 7.5 mg, hctz 25mg.
My blood pressures are better on the lower dosages-go figure.
I am so fatigued from the whole process. My 5 year old daughter keeps me going... I guess you can tell today is not a good day for me.