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Flowergirl, I hear you,
It is ironic how life comes around... my husband takes Accupril, well when they finally came out with a generic, Quanipril, I told him he had to take it. Well he complained and complained that the med was not the same. I told him it was all in his head.

Welll fast forward a couple of years to me and Costco changed manufacturers of the Lisinopril to a company out of India called IVAX and I have not been the same since. This is when I realized all meds are not the same even if they have the same name.

I think I am done with generics.

This thread is so interesting because my latest problems all started with a new manufacturer of Lisinopril. I picked up my prescription from Costco and immediately noticed that the bottle and pill looked different. I took the med back into the pharmacy and they said that they changed manufacturers and that it was the same pill.

The day I took that first pill from that new manufacturer has been life changing for me. I never could figure out how my blood pressure was 200/100 when I went to the ER.
I think I am changing pharmacies too.