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All I can tell you is that if a particular med is bothering you, you have to insist that your doctor get you off of it and if necessary, get you on another. Most of the doctors will not acknowledge side effects of the drugs they prescribe. I don't really know why, but they seem to totally ignore what we say. But that isn't really your problem, your problem is you want off that med, so it's your responsibility to get off of it. Sometimes getting a new doctor is the best solution because he/she will evaluate with an open mind whereas your current doctor is probably getting bored as he has prescribed things and you don't like them. I would look for a new doc if I were you.

Then, yes there are differences between meds. You need to do research on the different classes and be sure, going forward, that they don't give you a med in the same class as the one which bothers you.

Many people have good results with just a diuretic like HCTZ or an Ace inhibitor, like Lisinopril. Others have side effects from them. But each person is different. Check the class of the ones you are on now and move away from them as they bother you. I think your current BP med is a mixture of two types, so maybe, just eliminate one and try the other?

Also, don't discount any other meds you are taking which may be causing side effects, not just the BP med.

Just do some searches on your meds, their side effects and their interactions with each other so you know what is going on.