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I'm not sure I understand your question. If you are taking Lisinopril and it is keeping your blood pressure in a good range and not bothering you, you should continue it to keep you BP good.

If something is bothering you with it, talk to your doctor about taking something else.
You should continue to use lisinopril as long as it helps, and as long as you have no severe reactions. You should not, however, stop taking it without consulting your doctor first; it can be very dangerous to stop taking any medication without talking to your doctor first.

If it is causing any problems you should speak to your doctor about taking another medication that wont have any ill effects.
I heard that after 7 years your blood pressure medication does no good & you need to change it to something else. Right now my pressure is high some days and normal other days so I dont think the lisinopril is no longer working
If your med isn't working right anymore, you may need to add a low dose of a diuretic, HCTZ. That is often added to Lisinopril with excellent results. You need to get with your doctor and and see what he thinks about the HCTZ. Lisinopril, an ace inhibitor, is considered a good thing to take for kidney function as well as BP, so that's why some of us continue it even tho we need to add another as we get older.