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I went to the my PCP last week and got a diagnosis of HBP. I am now on Lisinopril to control same and have not had the problem with my ears and face since.

You obviously are under a lot of stress and that would increase your blood pressure periodically. I realize that I am under a lot of stress with work, my mother-in-law passed away this year and we had to move my father-in-law from Ohio to GA to live with us, my neighbor's have been unbelieveably rude to the point we have had to call the police, my car broke down, my son burned the clutch out on his new car and my cat of 12 years was recently diagnosed with diabetes. TOO MUCH!

Doc thinks that once things calm down I may be able to come off the HBP meds.

Breathe deep and try to take your daily tasks as "stress free" as possible.