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I'm 23 years old and over weight but I eat very healthy and keep my sodium intake under 2000 mg a day (usually a lot under, actually. I'm paranoid about water weight gain LOL) My blood pressure isn't always high but I have pretty bad anxiety and when I'm anxious, my bp goes up quite a bit.

I saw a nephrologist back in June for trace amounts of protein in my urine (which scared me to death...was an hours drive and I'm agoraphobic) and my bp was 140/100...but I was shaking and everything...felt like I was going to puke. But anyways, he suggested I start taking an ace inhibitor for the "high blood pressure" but I had normal readings at all my doctors appointments after that...usually around 100/60 and then a few weeks ago, I went to my primary physican and she read what the kidney doctor wrote and took my bp and it was 130/86 (I was anxious again...she always tells me to lose weight, which upsets me b/c I'm trying so hard :() and she put me on Lisinopril. Is that normal? I mean, two high blood pressure readings over the course of several months with normal bp inbetween? I worry so much about taking meds and their long term side effects and stuff. I take too much crap already. :(