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I was able to eliminate BP meds for a few years, though I've been back on them for the past couple of years.

After my husband had a major stroke in 1999 and I began caring for him 24/7 my BP shot up and I was put on meds for the first time. I was on 30 mg Lisinopril for most of the four years I spent as a caregiver. I expect that stress and chronic sleep deprivation were the major factors in requiring that much medication. After my husband's death I lost about ten pounds. Though I'd never been overweight according to most charts, that weight loss put me at the low end of normal weight for my frame. Then I started changing my diet, eating far less meat and eating much larger amounts of raw vegetables and legumes. The combination of lowered stress, more sleep, weight loss and changed diet allowed me to drop my BP meds entirely.

A year or two ago I went back on meds, but only 5 mg Lisinopril and just a few weeks ago that was increased to 10 mg. A higher dose would be better to keep my highs in check, but I have a highly reactive BP as well as postprandial hypotension. Therefore, my doctor fears that a higher dose would bring my lows too low. I think the need to go back on meds is due to several things: (1) aging. I'm 67 now and I suspect blood vessels are becoming less flexible. (2) Lack of exercise. I've just become lazier about that. (3) Weight gain. Though I have a body mass index of 21.6 now, it was about 19.6 when I went off the meds. (4) Diet. Due to pure laziness about making all those big salads I ate previously and having a new gentleman friend who likes meat and pasta, my diet has slipped a bit. And I know I'm consuming more sodium. (Possibly 5) I'm no longer taking the magnesium supplement as regularly as I did when I was off BP meds, mostly because I've become more forgetful.