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I moved from Norvasc to Lisinopril to Benicar---the Benicar was not doing that great----I was at my doctor's yesterday and my bp was like 160/100--of course I was really anxious.
But he gave me Benicar HCTZ which I started yesterday.
This morning my bp was 165/86 and then when I relaxed, 149/89.
This afternoon, I took it right after sitting down which I shouldn't have done
and it was 157/89
I took it at a few more intervals, waiting several minutes----and the last
reading I got was 116/75 in one arm and 126/76 in the other.
How can this be true.

Except my husband came in and he has traditionally very low bp and he sat down and I took his and it was 112/64 which is even a bit hight for him but he had just come in from work.

Can this be true?? And an amazing thing--for at least a year I have not been able to wear a gold and jade ring which I have had for 35 years on my right ring finger. Would not go on. I just put it on---it was a bit snug, but
I could get it on and off.

I have to admit I am a little nauseous and tired. I have a family member who is a pharmacist who always said the first line of attack when bp is first diagnosed is a diuretic---but my doctor (that I fired) who discovered it 5 years ago never even suggested that.

We shall see, we shall see.

How can this happen in 2 days?? Of course I had been on the Benicar plainfor 5 days before that. Hmmmmmmm