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Ronnie - I hear what you are saying about doctors......neurologists don't seem to know much do they. What I don't understand is that not one ever asked me about my life style, past exposures to toxins, diet and nutrition, sleep, stress levels, etc. Not one was interested in whole body health. I am stunned. I finally found one neurologist outside of my HMO who was once with two big HMO's himself and left both because he felt that chronically ill patients were not getting the care they needed. So, he started his own clinic in Davis that offers comprehensive care and alternative treatments. I had to fill out a huge questionnaire that covered all aspects of my life and health at my first visit. It's about time I found someone who listens and cares. I will soon be able to see him on a regular basis when my insurance changes. In the meantime he has me taking some amino acids that are neuroprotectants, along with lithium and CoQ10. He has offered chelation therapy since I just had all my mercury dental amalgams out, plus IV glutathione and human growth hormone injections. Does any of this sound familiar to you? I am willing to try anything at this point.

My best to you. I am honored that you wrote to me. You have tremendous courage.