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I've suffered from GERD for a long time but every once in awhile, I'll also have an increase in saliva that will last for days. I would'nt describe it as "drooling" or "foaming" - it's just that my mouth is more watery than normal and so I have to swallow a lot more frequently. My throat also feels "constricted" sometimes or there is a "click" when I swallow (or a lump).

A few times I have had horrible panic attacks thinking it was rabies or somthing but when I look back over my history, I've had this on again off again condition for years. I also have very worn down teeth, a single mercury filling in my molar (which I've had since childhood), GERD (Acid Reflux Disease), IBS and I get mouth ulcers from time to time. I also take Xanax and Lorazepam but even when I don't take these drugs, for up to a week, the salivation is still there. Lastly, I chew nicotine gum but I still produce extra saliva even when I'm not chewing.

The thing is, even if I take an antacid I still have the extra saliva and even when my stomach or chest is'nt burning or I don't actually have acid coming up into my throat, I still have the extra saliva. Is this possable/normal with GERD?.

- Thank you