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Dear duff19,

You are not alone concerning the emotional torture we endure in addition to the physical pain. I am 100% behind the concept of taking responsibility for events that occur in our lives--but I wholeheartedly believe the emotional pain like you mentioned is part of the overall condition and not always controllable!

Waiting to get pain medications refilled can sometimes be the worst "edginess" that exists. Let's face it, our pain can sometimes reach that ultimate level of 10 and last for what appears to be forever.

This is simply a suggestion to discuss with your doctor. I am aware of it because my Mother's physician prescribes Ativan (lorazepam...a benzodiazepine) for her to use, AS NEEDED, with her pain medications (MS Contin 100 mg tid and Percocet 10/650 mg PRN break-through pain up to 4 per day). This Ativan helps her tremendously by allowing her to "settle down". Ativan does not drag her out or make her feel whacked out. It was definitely a great addition to her other pain medications.

There are psychiatrists and psychologists who specifically deal with pain management. This is a valid option, as well.

Finally, sometimes all of this help is great and all, but you feel like you would be better if you could just punch a hole in the wall!! Of course, handling anger in that manner really doesn't pay off, does it? (I tend to learn the hard way!)

I'm sorry you're feeling so bad due to the fact that you are already feeling so bad!

Please know that we, as individuals of a large group, are here for you.

Jon (Conductor)