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I saw my reg. Dr. yesterday. He had me get B complex, some magnesium oxide (He didn't want me having diahrrea with the citrate), and wants me to try elavil. I'm afraid of elavil due to already being on lorazepam.

They X-rayed my wrist and elbow, and are referring me to a CTS surgeon. I'm ready--The spasms continue on and on and on......

I finally slept good last night, but the spasms this a.m. have tired and stressed me down fast.

Just wanted you to know.

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The first concern, as mentioned, was the combination of that and lorazepam.

That is good that you have no side effects from elavil. I'm sensitive to side effects on a lot of meds, unfortunately. They tried me on Effexor one time, and I had some unpleasant withdrawals from just one!

I think the Dr. thought it would help with pain, but the pain isn't there that much or at all, like the nerve jumps. It seems I am better since taking just one B complex, and that is good! I do hope I am being helped with it. It seemed to help about as soon as it hit my gut.

I don't know what side effect mixing elavil with lorazepam would cause, but I'm not "guinea pig" enough to find out.

Apparently, I worded my post to look like surgery was definite. Actually, I won't know until I see him and get tests or whatever they do. I'd not heard of cubital tunnel. Guess we have two tunnels in there!

Thanks for the well wishes. If this isn't all boring, I will let you know what transpires if you want to hear about that.[/FONT]

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