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Hi to all,

I started taking this a few months ago. I never really had any sleep problems until I finnished university, started a job and the stresses and strains of real life hit me.

Then for a few years I would perhaps have 1-3 nights a week where I wouldnt sleep well for various reasons. The usual reasons were: - 1. Alcohol, if i drank it I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to sleep and 2. Excercising too late, I like to keep fit and sometimes excercise too late, if I do, I have touble winding down and sleeping. I would often lay awake in bed until 3-4am.

These sleep problems did on occasion have disasterous consequenses. Sometimes, I would literally lay awake all night. This caused me to worry about it then not sleep for another night. I could become very emotional with borderline psycosis, seeing/hearing minor things, and ecceptionally deppressed when had layed awake for a night or two (very dangerous for driving myself around too). This usually sorted itself out and I would be back to a normal sleep pattern after a few days but the whole process started happining more and more often.

Anyway, a friend gave me some Zopiclone and it worked great for those nights. However, I happened to conform to the steryotypical drug addict behaviour and before long was taking them for sleep every night.

I have been using them for a few months now but at the start of last week they stopped working. I tried increasing the dose but they still didnt put me to proper sleep. I went a few nights with little sleep, then my supply ran out anyway and I stopped sleeping altogther. Come Friday I was an absolute state, I was managing an office because my employer was away, I was struggling to keep a hold on reality. I had already had multiple breakdowns during the week because of my sleeplessness to my girlfriend (who is supportive but doesnt understand - she sleeps as soon as her head touches the pillow, through until morning, every night). I tried hard not to breakdown infront of my colleagues. Everyone I came into contact with could tell something was wrong. My concentration span was 0, my memory was 0, I only pulled through the day because I was lucky enough to have a nice lad, on work experience, who took it upon himself to be by assistant and did everything for me.

I was lucky enough to abtain some lorazepam through a friend of my girlfriends after having an emotional breakdown friday evening, so managed to sleep that night. Woke up feeling terrible. I think I am withdrawing from the sleeping tablets - I have anxiety and nervous tension constantly. I have enough Lorazepam, presuming it works, for a few more nights - after that?

I am really in the need of some help.