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[QUOTE=ArwenE;3018510]Your body temp drops right before you go to sleep so maybe that is it...I get a the chills right before I fall asleep too. greetings everyone! I'm quite relieved to find out that this is all part of the acid reflux. My problems started on May 5th(after my final exam) and they progressively got worse since then. In the beginning I kept going to the hospital for the vomitting but they said I had a possible stomach virus so I thought nothing of it. When I followed up with my doctor(I did not feel quite normal) she suggested that I could have GERD and put me on Zantac. I took it and must of had some sort of reaction because I went back to the hospital again. Once again I followed up with her and at her office I had some sort of panic attack where I felt like I couldn't breathe and my hands and face started to become numb and so she diagnosed me with having panic disorder and put me on Lorazepam. I really felt like I would become better but I still felt quite uncomfortable all the time. For the past two weeks, the right side of my face kept twitching and on occasion would become numb or partially numb. I'm almost ashamed to admit that yesterday I called 911 because I thought I was having a heart attack-I suddenly became extremely weak, the right side of my face, particularly around my mouth was twitching uncontrollably and the area around my wrist had become numb. This I was rushed to the hospital, and they did some blood work, chest x-rays, and a CAT scan but of course nothing was abnormal. The only conflict was that the nurse who took my blood told me that I had to do the blood test again because my blood was too thick and that it was high in potassium making the test inaccurate, but when I talked to the doctor he said my blood work was fine. This time, I was given Nexium, and AmbienCR because I haven't been sleeping. Sorry for the long-winded message..I just feel so relieved to have found the board and this thread. I do have a slight question though-is it ok to take one Lorazepam during the day to calm myself? I can only take Nexium and AmbienCR at night time so right now I'm trying to rest but that feeling of not being able to breathe is back. Well thank in advance for just reading my post.