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Greetings all! I have a tiny question..as of today I have started experiencing spasms that were occuring in my throat-and as a result would actually start closing up my throat and it would make me feel as if I couldn't catch my breath. I wanted to know if it was just plain LPR that was making these spasms happen or is it from a Lorazepam withdrawl? I would have these jittery spasms at night time before(well during the time frame that I have been sick so far) but it would only remain in my chest. The Prevacid doesn't seem to keep the acid at bay because at night time, I could feel the acid just starting to pool in my throat. Also what would be the best position to sleep in because sleeping on my stomach causes the acid to come up..I am my wits end because I really don't know what to do anymore at this point. It started with GERD, then it became anxiety, then it became LPR..now I could possibly have glaucoma..pressure in my head and ears constantly..not a great way to ease into the age of 24(July 5th woohoo!)..well thanks in advance for reading this query.