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I've posted this question in the headache board, with no reply so I will try again here.

I'm prescribed Fioricet for migraines and Lorazepam for anxiety. I experience very painful menstrual migraines for over a week straight during that time. Accompanying the migraine pain, I also experience horrible pain in my upper back and neck which has been attributed to muscle tension.

I've noticed that the combination of one Fioricet with 1-2mg of Lorazepam is more effective then Fioricet alone, or even taking two Fioricet at once. I like this combination because it limits the amount of caffeine and acetaminophen that I need to take.

I am however concerned with the potential of increased CNS depression with the combination of these two drugs. I haven't actually had any problems, and I'm not exactly driving around construction trucks when I do this. However, as anyone who experience migraines knows, when you get that pain you need it gone before you can function at all.

I should note that rebounding and addiction is not really an issue because I alternate the Fioricet with Relpax and I'm only taking these drugs for about one week out of the month (including the Ativan).

So I was wondering if anyone knows of any particular precautions I should note about this.