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I switched to Diltiazem xr (Tiazec) I also take hct 25mg. I'm up to 300MG right now and I average 138/85 with some readings of 150/90 which if I wait a little while do drop to 138/85ish. Wondering if anyone else is taking Tiazec and how much as we are getting up there in dosage with little response. I use to be o Lotrel- worked great (120/68) but the cough and difficuty running (cramps) cause me to change. Can someone have resistance to CCBs as I had to same problem of nonresponsiviness with Norvasc. Thanks

I had every side effect that I had wrote down here and have stopped taking Cardizem LA 240mg on 10/27/05 and now having withdrawals from it... My blood pressure had gone up to 190 / 116, have chills and shakes, rapid heartbeat also. I am taking Clonidine 0.2mg. Taking Lorazepam 2mg as needed for withdrawals.

I have taken Cardizem LA 240mg for the last 4 months and have now stopped taking it on 10-27-05; does anyone know what the withdrawals of this drug are?

I took Cozaar for just about 1 ½ years just stopped taking Cozaar at the same time what withdrawal are there and how long will they latest?

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