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Hi WR6969

I had a good day Saturday, but yesterday back to shaky, but not as bad. I am calling it anxiety but not sure. I am trying to not take any ativan ( lorazepam) if I don't have to. I don't want to get addicted to that.

When I started with the High BP, I weighed about 162 pounds. I am female, 43 and only 5'4, I carried my weight well, most people kept telling me I was "small" ha ha. I told them they needed glases. :eek:

I lost 10 pouunds on my own in a year of so while on toprol. Came back from vacation when all this started in August weighing about 147( lost walking around the amusement park for hours). Then started loosing more due to the swallowing problem this all began with, lack of appetite and feeling so horrible, jittery, shaky, anxiety. Felt so bad at one point, told the Dr. I wanted to be put in the hospital. They kept saying it was anxiety and what was wrong!

Now I am down to about 137 or so. Big weight difference might be why bp is better. Also might be that the beta blocker is still working on me, some sources say it can lower it for up to one month. The one day it was higher 140/90 is was one day I took a small does of advil. Not sure it that was concidence or not.

I did got to a cardiologist, He told me to ride it out and if I did not improve in a few weeks, its not the toprol. They did an EKG and it was normal.
That was pretty much it. I am supposed to go back in 6 mnths for a 24 hour halter and check up. I don't know if my BP goes up who I will go to however. Will see about new Dr. On wednesday. I am sure she never heard of this Toprol withdrawal either.

I will probably have to go on something else, but not only am I afraid, I don't know what the side effects could be. I never thought I was too sensitive to most medicines.

Please keep posting!!

Take care and hope we are on te road to recovery

P.s One woman I correspond with thought her anxiety was over after a month of being off toprol xl 50, she had 3 good days with no anxiety, but is still feeling some anxiety here and there.