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I also take levothyroxine ( hypothyroidism) morphine sulfate, lorazepam, and zanaflex. I have been on those meds for a very long time and they don't seem to effect me much at all. I guess I have built up a tolerance to them. I think maybe its just that the black-box warnning that comes with mobic is freaking me out. I don't wanna have a stroke or heart attack or bleeding from various orifices. (lol) I am glad to hear that you haven't had any problems with it thats encouraging. I guess I am afraid that the minor symptoms might lead to major ones and I don't think I could handle having anything else wrong with me. I am a spiney with cervical and lumbar fusions and have osteoarthritis, ddd, hypothyroidism, acid reflux. and hiatal hernia. I think having stomach issues is my big fear. Any way thanks for your take on this, I am going to hang in there. Dee