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  1. Throat spasms-plain LPR or LPR w/a bit of withdrawl from another prescription drug?
    ... that was making these spasms happen or is it from a Lorazepam withdrawl? I would have these jittery spasms at night...
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  2. Sensations in head-LPR related?
    ... diagnosed me with having panic disorder and put me on Lorazepam . I really felt like I would become better but I still ... have a slight question though-is it ok to take one Lorazepam during the day to calm myself? I can only take Nexium...
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  3. What does an esophageal spasm feel like?
    ... new. ;) I have esophageal spasms and I am also on Lorazepam for it and Reglan. I was fine just two months ago ... to get off the meds but don't know how. I can take Lorazepam forever! Two doctors have told me to go to a pscychatrist...
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  4. I just do not understand.....will it ever stop
    ... day long. On second thought maybe something like lorazepam (sp) might help. It is a muscle relaxant but also...

  5. Extra saliva with GERD??
    ... mouth ulcers from time to time. I also take Xanax and Lorazepam but even when I don't take these drugs, for up to...
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