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You were so brave to travel so far from home while coming of Hydro's!
That took A LOT of guts.
I went on a trip to Italy to quit smoking, but I went with my mother & she drove me so crazy that as soon as I stepped of the plane, I bought a pack!! :( I'm now detoxing from Lortab. I'm on my 2nd day & it's rough!
You hang in there, OK. I wish I had 40 days!!
Good Luck,
I agree that HOME has A LOT of triggers involved!
Thanks IM. I got some L-Tyrosine and it helped yesterday and today. It sort of pushed me back into recovery mode and I have not thought much about the pills after spending every waking hour for 2 days thinking about them. Addiction just sucks. It is like a nat buzzing in your face, or a Gorrilla chasing you down the street with a shotgun. Either way, I feel stronger now that I'm home and reassociating being home with sobriety.

I'm realizing how much time I've lost in my life sitting around being high and not really living. It is a scary realization and one that is impossible to really understand until your head clears. I think I self medicated to not have to deal with life. Now that a new life is coming into my world, I want to be there 100% and I will be.

One interesting thing about not being high for over a month now, is that all these memories of my life are flooding back into my head. Things I'd just forgotten about completely.......some are happy thoughts, some are not at all. Some are downright embarressing and usually because I was high.

Anyway, thank you for the response. Just typing here even if nobody responds is helpful to me.

How is your Lortab detox IM? Are you okay?