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Hi, I am new to this thread and I wanted to thank you all for being on this board. Reading all of your messages just gave me my first glimmer of hope. I just went to my first day of outpatient rehab and I've never been so discouraged. They made me feel even more horrible than I already felt. I don't expect them to be good to me or anything but one minute they lectured me how I was ruining my life and my body and the next they said they don't know what to do with me because they normally deal with more serious things like alcohol and meth.
I've been taking around 30+ Lortab 10mg a day for a long time now. After my husband found them and left me, I new I had to do something. I've been wanted to stop for so long and just have been so alone. My husband came back and is trying to understand and support me, but is having a difficult time doing so.
The rehab center didn't have any confidence in me that I could taper, but reading your posts I have alot more confidence in myself and for once I am seeing a very dim light at the end of the tunnel. Tell me this can be done! Or do I have to lock myself up? They are telling me it's impossible and I can't do it. I've never really ever tried so how do they know? I left today feeling less confident than ever. I think they were disappointed I didn't have any serious mental issues or past secrets to share, I just like the pills, I like feeling happy, period. My session was to be 2 hours long and it took 45 minutes because I didn't have any other issues. Is counciling worth it for me then?