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Another thing to be thankful for is that you never deviated to a more "powerful" narcotic. I was on Lortab for 3 years, when it got to the point that whether I took 4 or 7 a day, I wasn't "feeling" it. SO someone introduced me to methadone. The worst mistake I've ever made. But here I am, on the subutex for 1 week.. and starting to feel "normal" again. I still have a long way to go, and take things one day at a time. Hang in there! There's others that are going through this as well and know exactly how you feel.
Glad to hear all is getting better! Gradually, yes, but it does happen. Every day I wake up I feel better. Hence the saying "one day at a time". It's funny, I know my grandmother is going to the Dr today to get Lortab, but I really do not have a craving for any.. which surprises me. It may be because I'm still on the suboxone, but whatever the reason I am thankful. My grandmother is going through this program with me and is supposed to be taking the subutex this week, but I'm not sure she's actually taking them, which makes me very sad. But I cannot do it for her, she has to want to do this herself. All I can say it it's a lot of money to waste for you not to follow through with it. I just dont think she's strong enough. Anyhow, I pray for us all daily..

Take Care!