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I am new to this addiction life. My husband just admitted to me last week that he is addicted to Lortab and the next day he admitted himself into rehab. They have him on Ultram to help with the pain. He has had 5 knee surgeries on the same knee and this last surgery in May is when he became really addicted he said. He told the doctor that he has taken them for the fun of it about a year ago but became addicted in May. He was taking anywhere from 10-14 a day. The thing is not only was he getting them from the pain management doc but he has been buying them from someone else and that person has been calling his cell phone! He is supposed to come home Monday from rehab and he is doing great he says but i am concerned because i have been reading your threads on the ultram. Is it possible that he can become addicted to those as well even though the doc says it is non-narcotic and not addictive? What do I do about this guy who has been calling and his cousin that has introduced him to the person and how can I trust him again. We have 2 kids and I am just scared about all of this and don't really know how to handle this. Any suggestions or comments I am desperate!:(