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What you just said just went off like a light bulb in my head! I have been feeling so much guilt and condemnation for getting dependant on lortab, but in reality, I didn't actually take more than prescribed.. at first. It just seems like the longer you take the stuff, the more you have to take to feel "normal" as you said below.. but it's really not our fault that we became dependant on it.. it's whatever circumstance made us start taking the darned things in the first place. I still think opoids are nothing but trouble. I know they really help with chronic pain, and I still have back pain (herniated disc) to this day.. But I switched from lortab to methadone because the lortab wasn't cutting it anymore. I was on the meth for almost a year and a half. The only way I could come off 40-60 mgs a day was suboxone. But the catch is you cannot take subutex with methadone in your system. It will send you to the hospital.. reverse w/d. You have to take something else for about 2 weeks to get the methadone out of your system some. My Dr put mt on morphine. That way I could switch to the sub with no problems.. not feeling sick or anything. Now I'm scared to taper off the sub.. Going from 16mg to 12 seems kind of hard this week.. maybe it's in my head, I dunno. It just seems from everything I've read this is a neverending battle.. :( I don't like that. This shouldn't be something we have to deal with the rest of our lives, but it is. Through no fault of our own!!! :mad: It just makes me angry if I think about it... sometimes I'm so tempted to go get some pills.. that's why I'm glad I'm on suboxone.. lol Even if I were to take one, I wouldn't feel it. Anyway, thanks for letting me rant..