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I have a serious addiction to lortab 10. Im 28 years old and I take up to 30 - 40 a day. My problem got so bad that I started to write fake prescriptions. To make a long story short I got caught and arrested. My court date is set for 11/27. I am seeking help before my court date and going to a doctor to for treatment. Can anyone tell me if taking that many pills is enough to go on that subutox. I ask this because I always hear about people addicted to stronger pain meds. I have an appointment on monday and they told me I was not to take any meds for 24hrs. I tried to stop taking the lortab (had no choice-when I was arrested - 12hrs) and I never got so sick in my life. Does anyone have any legal advise as well. All I can think about is how can this happen to someone like me. I'm a good person with a very bad problem and very afraid.
Hi Gee:
Yes, that amount is enough to be able to take subutex/subaxone and get results. Coming off that many a day, sub. may be very much needed. It's a personal choice. You WILL have to withdrawal off that one day though, keep that in mind. I am doing that right now, and it is very very hard. But, it has helped me tremendously over the past 9 months i've taken it.
And yes, you have to be OFF the Lortabs completely and in full withdrawal in order for the sub. to work correctly and atually HELP with w/d's and not go against you. I've heard someone on this board talk of them starting the sub. too soon, and it actually making them worse.
So speak to your doctor or clinic about the choice of sub.....i think u said u already have appt. coming up. Again, one day you will have to come off the sub., but hopefully you can do it over a slow process and not have it too hard. And a very low dose of sub. is doable to help u thru this. It's not like other opiates where more feels better, it doesn't work like that. Which helps with the cravings bcuz u know that taking more does nothing.
As far as legal advice, i'm not sure......all i can tell u to do is pray. And leave it in your higher powers hands. This all happened for a reason, i firmly believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason. And this is your chance to break free from the imprisoning hold of opiates. Good luck & God Bless.