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I started using my Lortab not according to prescription when my Dad's cancer went into the less than 6 mos. to live timeframe and then he died. I had to handle everything for him and Mom, and my 4 kids, ages 1-6 at that time. Not a good solution then, but I was deep in post partem depression, and it was the best alternative to the other I was thinking. I just found out yesterday that my Dad's brother, my favorite uncle, just had his prostate removed for prostate cancer, and I'm not dealing well with it at all. It's like I'm reliving everything, and I don't want to. My dad's been gone a little over a year and my mom's moved into the getting rid of everything of his and it's killing me. He was my rockand I miss him so much. I haven't used for quite awhile, but this is really testing me. I don't want to, I know it will come to no good, I'm not a stupid person. I'm just so tired of feeling this way. So I tried watching TV to get my mind off of it, and I started watching "The Family Stone" which seemed really funny until the very end, and then the mom died! It was awful. And so now I'm sitting here at the computer sobbing trying to get a grip on myself and not do something stupid. What is wrong with me? Why can't I move on like other people? When will this get better? Please help.