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What you describes sort of sounds like suboxone. It's the drug that I'm on that saved me. I was addicted to methadone, before that lortab. And I'd tried so many times to get off CT, but just couldn't do it. So for those of you that have, you need to really give yourself the gratitude it's worth because it's very hard. I went to a Dr that gives you this medicine to get through the withdrawal process. Even though I've heard some negative and positive things from it, I still am all for it. It's better taking it than worrying about when you're going to get to the bottom of your bottle or if you'll have any left. But Red, that is awesome that you quit CT!! Just STAY STRONG. You will have so many temptations come your way...like today, I was doing an assessment on a client and she had 2 bottles of pain meds right in front of me, telling me she's allergic to codeine!! I almost fell out. But it wasn't as hard as I thought it might have been. We just have to remember where we came from and that we never want to go back there again!!

Best Of Luck