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Oh sweetie, you are worrying yourself sick too. I was on lortab or percocet pretty much through my last pregnancy. My son is fine as well. Doctor's will prescribe lortab for pregnant women in pain. Did you know that? But I agree that you should be honest with your Dr. If you can't be, then you need to find a different Dr. That's what they are there for. I feel guilty because sometimes I go down to 6mgs but some days I'll take 8. I'm just worried about this sub. I thought getting off sub would be a breeze.. no side effects or anything. Then I started reading up on people's stories. I just want it to be easy.. is that such a bad thing? Why does it seem like everything we do has to be hard? I just don't get it. :( Anyway, hang in there and try to keep us posted. We worry about you!!