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i'm a 21 year old female with a horrible opiate addiction. i started taking lortab 10s on the weekends when i was 15 years old as a result of having social anxiety so i could loosen up and have fun with my friends. the older i got, the more i started experimenting with different types of opiates, such as percocet, lorcet, oxycodone and oxycontin. taking the pills to have fun turned into taking the pills because i felt so sick without them. at age 18 i was addicted to oxycontin 80. i was taking 4 a day, but eventually my supply ran out so i was forced to go through withdrawals. i felt like i had the flu for an entire week. i couldn't eat or sleep. i felt like the world was against me. i considered killing myself a number of times just so i wouldn't have to feel so strange. i'm so stubborn though, that i didn't learn from my mistake and started taking lortab 10s every day from the time i was 17 until now. i'm ready to stop though. i'm tired of being in pain and feeling sick to my stomach unless i have my fix. i'm not the only one going through this though. my 20 year old boyfriend has the same addiction and wants to stop as well so we can help eachother through it. we have good jobs and don't want to lose them and we definitely don't have to afford rehab. we're experiencing restlessness, loss of appetite, weakness in the muscles, diarrhea, mood swings and loss of motivation. i'm sure there are ways to get over our addiction without rehab since it's so expensive. so i was wondering if anyonen could suggest things that we could do at home to make the withdrawals more bearable so we can function normally and not have to miss any work? any help would be appreciated. =]
” It’s always darkest before the dawn”

Welcome to the board you two

It is a good place to start with your stopping the pills. There are millions of people that are going through similar experiences. One thing in your favour is your age, you and your boyfriend are young and are very determined to stop. Your cellular makeup is strong and resilient and you will get over the nasties faster than someone in their 30,s, 40’s, 50’s.

All using addicts I have known, are stubborn, so no need to beat yourself up. Withdrawals are nasty and when they are happening, horrendous thoughts come into your head,I am sorry you didn’t have anyone to turn too when you were having your blackest moments,

” It’s always darkest before the dawn”

What is marvellous, is that you and your boyfriend recognize that you need some help with this. How many are you taking now per day? You will need to make a taper plan together.

I hope your boyfriend wants to stop as much as you do, there is kind of a grey area when 2 people who are close to each want to stop their addiction together. The grey area I am speaking of is when one person gives permission to the other person in withdrawal to increase their dosage. Yes, it is possible to help each, if both of you are just as strong in your conviction as the other. My experience of couples quitting together is marginal but it can be done, it is just a little more difficult because of the enabling quota. Most couples I know that were in addiction together, separated to get clean by going into Rehab,

OK, I understand you don’t want to go that route, I suggest then going to NA Meetings where you can meet others like yourself to start and then getting some outpatient counselling with Drug and Alcohol Counsellors.

I would also suggest that you wean down slowly, and your boyfriend, the same. This will take time, be gentle on yourself, you both have good jobs, you both want to stay with work, I doubt a CT will work if you want to hold your jobs at the same time. Some people can do it, but my goodness, you get so sick, hard to hide symptoms of drug W/D at work, better just to say you have the flu and take some time off... soooo.I suggest to make a taper plan and follow it faithfully.If you could allow yourself to take time off work, I would strongly recommend that at the jumping off phase. Both of you, doing exactly the same thing for this to work at the same time together.

So,yes the others are right on this, Go to NA, you will meet people there, tell them what is going on, get phone-numbers, people in NA spend a lot of time on the phone helping each other. That is the basic jewel of the program. One addict helping another addict. Don’t be shy, step up and stand up for what you want to happen. Don’t be scared of what other people will think.Who cares what they think, what is more important is what you think. Believe me, everyone in those rooms have been there, and understand what you are going through, they are not there to judge you, they are there to help you, so, please don’t isolate yourself by not telling. The counsellors in Rehab won’t be able to help you, so it is very important for you to take a stand for yourself and speak up, what you can do, and how they can help.

For starters, follow the home detox program at the top of the page. Drink gallons of water to help flush and push the toxins out of your body continually.

Keep coming back to the board, I personally do not have any experience with lortab, there are hundreds on the board who have, several wonderful people to help you plan your taper.

all the best for U 2