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In the past I have taken Tramadol and Lortab those were my two drugs of choice that I took for pain. About six months ago I quit taking Tramadol and at the time was out of Lortab. The withdrawl from the Tramadol was living hell and I will never ever ever look at another Tramadol again. I read in a post that it is good to write down your feelings as you withdraw so you can go back and look at how misrable it was. I did that and I look back eveyday and can't beleive what I put my body through now only doing it again with the Lortab withdrawl. I guess my questions is why can't I get those same feelings with the Lortab? I can't let it go like I did with the Tramadol. Is it because I know that once the Lortab is gone I will not have anything to fall back on?
i think you kinda answered it right there-once the lortab is gone both are gone and maybe its hard for you to face at moment? sounds like you are holding on to the lortab as a crutch and dropping the crutch means.....??? dealing with the loss of both meds (just a thought maybe) do you take the lortab everyday? but be proud and thankful you are not taking the tramadol anymore and that you reconized all the crap it put you thru so kudos for that and reconize your progress with one demon gone:)
i am on ALOTT of meds for pain manegment and realizing i have been psyically/mentally addicted since my first time taking them about 5 years ago and kinda miss that euphoria.i am on oxycontin sr (100 mg's every 6 hours-for pain) and much more but i can't recieve that pain relief or that feeling anymore so i began chewing some of my pills lately and it scares me sooo much.and all this began becuz of starting a pain relief plan in the begginng so that i could feel better and be more comfortable with everyday life and now it has caused more trouble than help.if i make sense here? sorry for blabbing!!!
but again i am happy for you that you got off the one out of two meds of choice and now you have to deal with the lortab-do you need it for pain? or why did you first start taking it?
hope to hear back from you-and hope 2day will be a okay day for you and for us all:)